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PLANET X is an extreme sports arena for tots and teens and in-betweens and any one else who is young at heart with energy to burn.

Our RICHMOND Centre is an indoor trampoline park and  features some of the longest continuous trampolines you are likely to see.  At twenty-four metres long you can flip tumble roll and do insane aerials unobstructed with no need to stop. No cross bracing means safety is at a premium . So you are free to do the tricks you always wanted to. There are high performance tramps for experienced jumpers and for instruction purposes as well as a par chore wall for the freestylers.  AREA 51 is our games area with all the latest arcade games including air hockey and other popular amusements.

We feature Barista coffee, snacks and light refreshments at our café and of course party rooms for that special occasion. We pride ourselves on being amongst the founders for the Australian Trampoline Park Association team to ensure we are one of the Safest Amusement Parks to run in Australia.

 So what are you waiting for come on down to either of our locations, meet our crazy staff and have the eXperience of a life time!

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