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It is important that you read this form CAREFULLY. If under 18 a PARENT MUST READ AND AGREE to the TERMS AND
CONDITIONS laid out or you will be unable to partake.
We cannot accept notes, phone calls, other sibling, and group leader or organisers agreement for under 18’s.


This is a legal document that affects my rights. I acknowledge that the trampolining activities I will engage in are
adventure sports and recreational activities that involve a significant degree of physical exertion and a degree of physical
risk. I am undertaking trampolining activities for the purpose of recreation, enjoyment, and leisure. I am informed and I
acknowledge that trampolining above ground and jumping above ground level is an inherently risky activity involving
unpredictable and unforeseeable risks of harm. This harm includes death or personal injury.

I (or my parent) willingly assume the risk of participating in the exercises, climbing routines, trampolining activities of this
facility. I have provided PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD with all relevant and necessary information that relates to
my physical health and capacity to participate in strenuous exercise. I understand that if PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY
LTD were not provided with all relevant and necessary information about my health and capacity they would not be able
to fully appreciate the risk of harm or injury to me in providing instruction and in allowing me to participate in this activity.
I am (or my parent) willingly provide the following waiver:

(a) I do not hold PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD or their employees or agents legally responsible for injuries I suffer
on their premises or using their equipment or participating in their training or activities programs.

(b) I undertake not to bring a claim against PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD or their employees or agents for any
claims, costs, damages, or other liabilities they may have for injury suffered by me and I acknowledge that this waiver
represents a legal release and discharge of legal responsibility to PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD or their servants
or agents. It is provided in exchange for the activities, and other goods and services purchased by me at PLANET X

(c) I have been informed and I accept that I will also be assuming a role involving responsibility for the safety of others
participating in the TRAMPOLINING AND JUMPING ACTIVITIES. IF an injury occurs as a result of my careless act, omission
or negligence then I fully assume responsibility for any harm done and I do not hold PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD
concurrently responsible.

(d) I have read (and explained to my child) and agree to abide by the Rules and Warnings on display at reception or on the

(e) I warrant not to participate while intoxicated or affected by drugs. Participating whilst under the influence of alcohol
or drugs removes any and all liability and responsibility from PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD and its staff.

WARNING UNDER The Civil Liability Act 2002 and Trade Practices Act 1974 Under the provisions of the several conditions
are implied into contracts for the supply of certain goods and services. These conditions mean that the supplier named
on this form [PLANET X ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD] is required to ensure that the recreational services it supplies to you
• rendered with due care and skill; and
• as fit for the purpose for which they are commonly bought as it is reasonable to expect in the circumstances; and
• reasonably fit for any particular purpose or might reasonably be expected to achieve any result you have made known
to the supplier.
I certify that I have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement. I am aware this is a release of
liability and assumption of risk agreement. I fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up
substantial rights by agreeing, and agree to it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.